The Bowl on the Wall

Whenever my father would open a gift he would smile and say, “Most exquisite, what in the dickens is it?”

For some reason those were the words that flew through my mind when I stepped back to admire my bowl on the wall. The latter part of the phrase applied more than the first.

Here. Judge for yourself.



Actually it doesn’t look half bad when you’re just looking at it by itself in this photo. Of course, it doesn’t look half good neither.

I spotted the webbed metal bowl at Winner’s on the clearance shelf a couple of months back and it kept catching my eye every time I returned to the store. I finally felt sorry for the thing and brought it home. I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do with it. The bowl kind of reminds me of a space age nest. I thought maybe I could attach it to the wall and create a nest to go with my big metal shelf bird. What’s not to love, right?

I envisioned changing out the contents of the nest by season. I would start by filling it with Christmas balls, move on to something wintry after the holidays, fill it with eggs and pussy willows in the spring and maybe a pot of ivy or some such greenery for summer. In the fall I would fill it with burlap and fire coloured leaves before returning full circle to Christmas balls once again.

Move over Joanna Gaines.

Alas, turns out Jo had nothing to fear.

The logistics of attaching the bowl so it hung like a nest proved daunting, to put it mildly. I tried making it into a topper for various cupboards-both freestanding and attached-but none were wide enough. I tried tipping it at jaunty angles, but that just meant spilling its contents on the floor. I tried putting it on the floor, but did I mention we live in an apartment? There was no room on the floor for a giant metal bowl. I even experimented with it as table center piece but it didn’t leave any room for food. Or plates. Then in a fit of frustration I filled it with balls and hung it bowl side on the wall. Quickly.

And then I pointed and laughed. After a while it started to grow on me. Which is a good thing, because how to get it down without causing another avalanche of balls (see decorating the tree post) is going to take some planning and maybe a blanket or two.

It kind of reminds me of this dish cupboard picture that has been circling Facebook over the last few weeks.


Credit Facebook

What a thing to wake up to, hey? I think it originated in Taiwan, but people the world over have been helpfully trying to solve the puzzle of how to open the cupboard and save the dishes. The unified effort renews my faith in humanity. All I can suggest is lots of people with pillows. Or something like that. I’ll know more when the holidays are over and it’s time to take down my own Bowl on the Wall. Of course by now the person with the dish avalanche in progress will have solved the issue one way or another. Maybe after the holidays I will check out what they finally did to release the bowls.

Speaking of which, apologies to my downstairs neighbours in advance. Again.

Group of christmas balls



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