Frosty Fall


So this is happening.


It’s not unusual for us to get snow in October…or August for that matter. What IS unusual is this snow’s stick-to-itiveness. Fall snow is usually just a gentle nudge to get it in gear. It tells us that summer is gone, fall is here and winter is nipping on its heels.

A day or so later the snow is gone, the temperatures soar and we bustle about putting away lawn furniture and filling the pantry with our garden’s take for the year.

This snow hit on October first and five days later it is still here. Worse, the forecast looks like more white rain AND stubbornly subzero temperatures. Usually winter falls on Halloween night with eerie marksmanship; almost as if it were capable of reading a calendar. With the next two weeks looking beyond cool that doesn’t give us much wiggle room for a brief meltdown followed by ‘real winter’. It would appear winter has sat its frosty butt in our corner of the world and is settling itself in for the long haul. There’s not much to do about that other than wrestle what you can from the yard, haul down the boxes of winter gear and toss a kiss at the flower beds…sorry me beauties god willing we’ll see ya all in the spring!


The leaves haven’t even had a chance to fall from the trees, which led to hundreds of limbs ripping from the trunks and crashing to the ground under the weight of the snow. Some fell on power lines leaving us without electricity for hours.

All this only three days after returning from a road trip to the south where we loaded up on apples freshly plucked from trees that fairly dripped with the delicious red orbs. We drove through mountains, past lakes and acres of orchards and vineyards. We fantasized about moving. About living in a place where it was winter only three months of the year.

Even with the snow-or maybe because of the snow-I am caught off guard by the affection I am feeling for our wide open skies and our own little city.

Where is this thing we call home anyway? Is it inside the four walls that keep us sheltered? The town outside the window? Or is it something more. Some nameless place that resides in our very heart and soul.

Today all I know for sure is that the rooftops are white, our apartment is warm and I am enjoying my hot tea in its chipped red mug immensely. Later I will find my toque, gloves and boots and go for a walk.

It’s a good slice of a good life and for now, that’s enough.

Red mug on white background




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