Checkers Anyone?

After discovering new trails a few days ago I had a bit of a revelation…you can’t get anywhere new if you keep walking the same old ground.

Whaaat? God, that’s profound. Let’s just pause a few beats as we think about that. Okay, maybe it’s not really that profound but still.

Last night Darcy and I went for a walk, but this time instead of circling our neighborhood as we are wont to do, we just struck out in one direction and kept going until we found ourselves in unfamiliar territory.

We came upon a wonderful park that was a labyrinth of pathways and benches. It was laid out in small squares with lots and lots of places to sit.  I thought it should be called Conversation Park because it looked like a place where a lot of great conversations could be had.

Darcy checked his phone and found out it was called Checkerboard Park, though likely there was a sign that could have told us that as well.

As we moved to the center of the park we saw where it got its name…

checkerboard park

I didn’t see any checker pieces around, but it would have been fun if there were. Or maybe people bring their own. Can you imagine? They’d need a shopping cart just to transport the pieces to the park. And it would be a bit awkward moving the pieces without tripping over other ones. What mayhem could ensue!

Or maybe you would just use a long stick. Except for when you’re kinging the opponents pieces. Then you would have to actually set the piece on top because I don’t see how you could lift the piece up with a stick. Though you wouldn’t really need to because when you are kinging someone their piece is right on the edge.

Darcy thinks I might be overthinking things a tad. I said that doesn’t sound like me at all.


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