Going for Gold

I am 52 years old. I walk four miles a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more. But not a lot more. I am not a speed walker. I am more of a brisk stroller, if that’s even a thing.

I am not in terrible shape but I’m nothing to write home about neither. The last time I did a full out sprint I had confronted a bear in the herb garden at dusk. Which, of course, is not what you are supposed to do. You never run. It makes you look tasty. Lucky for me the bear hadn’t read any of the bear safety pamphlets and didn’t know seeing a human run meant he was supposed to eat me. Maybe he was already full or his wife was giving him grief about his eating habits. More berries, less meat! Also I unleashed a scream that I am pretty sure neighbours in a ten mile radius are still discussing today.

“Remember that night we heard that terrible screeching sound at dusk from over by the McKinnon residence?”

“Like I could ever forget. What do you think it could have been? Whatever it was, it wasn’t human.”

Yeah, I am pretty sure it was the screaming that saved me.

Anyway, I am not the sort of person you would look at and think to yourself, “Now there goes an Olympic hopeful if I ever saw one.”

But I am.

I am Olympic hopeful.

Maybe it’s because I was watching footage from the 2016 Summer Olympics yesterday.

Maybe it’s because the last two years of feeling lost, hopeless and depressed have taught me that feeling lost, hopeless and depressed is not something I want to carry around my neck and show off to the world anymore.

So I am going for the gold.

I don’t want silver and I won’t settle for bronze. I will not come to the end of my days and say I was glad to just be a participant.

I want inner peace.

Today I am going into training for mind Olympics. The Olympics of Zen you might say.

Watching the athletes compete at Rio, you realize they didn’t just wake up one morning, decide they were going to win gold and then a week later there they were, chomping down on a gold medal and waving at the crowd.

They got there one day at a time by getting up every morning with their goal foremost in their minds. They ate right, trained right and surrounded themselves with people who shared their goals.

Why would finding inner peace be any different?

Like any goal, it is hard to take on something new when you are full to the brim with the old. You can’t move to a new house if you are still living in the old one. So I am emptying myself out. I am picturing myself held up by the heels and vigorously shaken. But not by a bear. All the sadness, all the hopelessness, all the negative crap is hitting the pavement and rolling down the sewer drain. There it all goes. See you later bad thoughts! No. Wait. See you never again bad thoughts! See? Mind training. I’ve already started.

I feel better already.

I am back on my feet and ready to begin.

Inner Peace podium, here I come!

Stone pile in a Zen Garden with butterfly balanced on a Earth gl



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